Providing Letters of Reference

Providing Letters of Reference

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act provides a framework for provision of reference information to other organizations or persons. Section 40(1)(x) allows you to provide reference information about a current or former employee only to another department within the same institution. No substantive information, such as attendance, performance or salary history can be provided without the specific written consent of the individual.

As a result, all faculty and staff who provide verbal or written references should ensure that the student or employee fills out the appropriate consent form and provides them with a copy. (The forms can be accessed below and printed off as required.) If this is not possible, the student or employee should provide the faculty or staff member with some evidence of consent. The request or even a copy of the application or c.v. in which you are named as referee can be forwarded by mail, e-mail or fax and will serve as consent if necessary.

The referee or department must keep a copy of the consent. Any information provided must be maintained for one year and is accessible subject to certain limitations.

Student Authorization for Reference Disclosure Form (Word 47 KB)

Employee Authorization for Reference Disclosure Form (Word 47 KB)

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